I knew that I would have to let you go one day Akeron and now it is time, but still…it hurts and I miss you! 

I know that you are in a better place now where you can be free and move the way you want to and used to do. The last months has been a struggle for you and you did fight, but I could see that you where getting tired. In your eyes I could see the sadness over your loss, that you could not move effortless anymore and that we could not do the things we used to do. 

The day I feared came and I had to fullfill the promise I mad to you Akeron when I took you home over 13 years ago. The promise that I would help you the day you needed to leave us. It was so hard to let you go, but you left us with ease and with me, Robert, Navy, Nike and Lolita close to you it think you could feel us being there with you?! Nike even let you close to her, as she has never done before. She knew what was happening with you… 

Thank you for being such a good companion all these years! During the years that it was just you and me we had lots of fun and you always tried to do your best! Remember when we went to Denmark in my little red car? And our trip to the World Winners Show in Amsterdam? So many memories! 

You loved showing off at shows and the way you performed at the Veteren of Veterans Show at the Grand Hotel in Stockhom…wow! I remember when we stood behind the curtains and waited to run on stage, a slippery stage with a audience and lots of stage lights. You loved it, did´nt you?! The next day we won Runner up Best In Show Veteran AND Runner up Best In Show!!! Still with lots of enery and at the age of 9. 

Last summer we swam in the lake together for the last time. We used to swim back and forth several times before you got tired and then we would relax on the beach. Always so calm and close to me! I used to look in your eyes and know what you wanted and needed.

Around Europe there are dogs that has your eyes and your soul. I am happy that you will continue to live through them and that I can look at them and remember you! 

I know many people will miss you Akeron and that you have left a memory in many peoples hearts! Some people have told me that it was you who made them choose a ridgeback as a companion. Can you get a better grade or tribute?  

I look for you but you are not there! I listen for your steps but there is only silence! I miss you Akeron! 

Rest in peace and I will see you in Nangijala! 


Rex Ventors Akeron