D.O.B 2013.06.24

  • All with ridge

  • One offset ridge.

  • 2 kinked tails.

  • 1 minor umbilical hernia

  • No excessive white

  • No DS

  • Correct bites

  • Boys with testicles descended.

  • 1 operated in january 2015 for dermoid sinus/LTF (Lipoma Of the Terminal Filum)


DOB: 2009-07-22

Height: 64 cm

Weight: 35 kg


ED: 0

Teeth: Correct sissorbite

Mentality test: Yes!

Breeder: Christian Jouanchicot, Kennel Out of Africa

Owner: Robert Lundström & Maria Kierkegaard Lundström

Merits: Norwegian CAC.


More about LOLITA HERE


DOB: 2004-12-13

Height: 69 cm

Weight: 47 kg


ED: 0

Teeth: Correct sissorbite

Mentality test: Yes!

Breeder: Ulla-Britt Persson -Prästens Kennel

Owner: Ewy Mattsson

Merits: Swedish Field Tracking Champion

2 swedish CAC´s 

"Lolita" is our sweet femme fatale from France after our "Navy" aka Rijstone Aussie Rules. She is sweet, curious and a tough cookie!

In her pedigree she has some stunning ridgebacks and we have had the chance to meet a few of them. Offcourse her father Navy whom has produced lovley offspring in Sweden, Norway, France as well as Germany. Healthy, easy going with beautiful heads and expressions.

She has not been shown much due to the fact that she is not happy with somebody she does not know touching her. But in the forrest she is the first one to check out who is who and also her mentality test as well as experienced RR people has confirmed that she has a bigger part of that "alouf" charachter than many other ridgies today.


"Leroy" is a stunning, well balanced male whom in his pedigree has several high quality ridgebacks represented. His father Dea Decoras Argos who has produced some lovely offspring with excellent hip- & elbow scores. Mother Djungelkattens Windflower to Priest with, for me, very typical head, character and exterior. Krismidt´s Dancing Duke aka "Rico" is a favourite of many and his father is the well known SA Zim Ch Globe's Roving Red Regent "Clay".

"Scout" -  Int Nord F Lux Ch NV-01-02 KbhV-03 Ukukhanya Scout The Red Baron is Leroys grand father and well known in the world of ridgebacks. Another well known celebrity is "Nelson" Int Nord DK Uch SV-94-98, NordV-95-97-98, NV-96-97, FinV-98 Parih's Ghali-M'Zungu who is Leroys great grandfather.

The common ancestors that Lolita and Leroy has is Zumelis Ashiki and Zumelis Ajabu who where from the same litter. This gives this combination 0,8 % in inbreeding at 5 generations.


For "Lolita" priority one was finding a dog with a easy going and sociable mentality as well as a balanced exterior with excellent details like strong topline and longer ribbcage and body. I strongly belive that Leroy will bring exactly that into this combo.


Neither of these dogs has been profiles in the show ring or world of ridgbacks due to different factors - hense the theme of the litter "Hidden Treasures". We hope for a bunch of diamonds, aquamarines, rubys etc!


Please cotact us for more information regadring this planned litter! I am sure we can answear all questions!


A big thank you to owner Ewy Mattsson, Leroys breeder Ulla-Britt Persson (Prästens Kennel) and Veronica Thoren (Kennel Rex Ventor) for the idea, input and belife!