DOB: 2016-11-06

Height: 70 cm
Weight: 46 kg
ED: 0
Teeth & bite: Correct and full set.
BPH: Yes
DM: Not carrier

Breeder: Dale Blinco & Micke Goulding/Riginal Ridgebacks
Breeding rights: Kennel RidgeRules in coolaboration with Veronica Thorén/Rex Ventors Kennel.
Stays with Nina Ludwig and family in Stockholm - Thank you so much Nina for taking in Ziggy!

Born in a litter of 10 pups, 5 boys (1 ridgeless brown nose) and 5 girls (2 brown nose).

Welcome Ziggy!

We are so glad to have the chance to bring this gem to Sweden and the possibility to have his pedigree avilble for our future breeding program. The biggest thank you to Dale & Mick at Riginal Ridgebacks for trusting us enough to part with this lovely boy. Offcourse Ziggys human grandmother on this side of the world has had a great part in this being possible - biggest warm hugh to Veronica Thorén/Rex Ventors Kennel!

Hopefully Ziggys dna carries the qualities of his ancestors going back to my first ridgeback Multi Ch Rex Ventors Akeron being his mothers great great grandfather :)  He has already proven to be a superlaidback, sweet and friendly boy who took on the challange of travelling all that way and come ot of the cage with a wagging tail and a smile!