OCEANS litter 2021

July 25th 7 puppies where born
1 correct male stillborn
4 males - 1 ridgless, 3 correct
2 bitches - 1 ridgeless, 1 correct

RidgeRules Shake A Tail Feather

DOB: 2016-12-05
Height: Approx 64 cm
Weight: Approx 35 kg
HD: A/B ED: 0
EOAD: Clear by parentage
JME: Clear by parentage
DM: Clear by parentage
D-locus: D/D
Ridgegen: R/r

Correct bite and all teeth present.
Mentality test/BPH: Yes.
Breeder: Maria & Robert Lundström
Living on breeders terms with Matilda Gusfavsson/Stockholm
Finnish Junior Winner 2017
2nd Best Bitch at BISS 2018

Info about "Allies" litter HERE

More info about "Allies" father "Rudi" HERE

Exgates Unique Utah By Nelvis

DOB: 2007-12-14
Height: Approx 70 cm
Weight: Approx 50 kg
HD: A/A ED: 0
EOAD: Clear
JME: Clear
DM:  Carrier
Correct bite and all teeth present.
Mentality test as well as  Bear tested with good result.
Breeder: Kennel Exgate/Hege Dufseth
Owner: Keth Elen Janson

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Oceans litter

So, so exiting! These puppies will be precouis and special! Its been a long search and wait to get the  drops from "Utah" to arrive safe and frozen here. Offcourse Covid played a big part in the hardship! 
"Allie" needed a mate with an easy-going and steady temperament. Dont get me wrong - she is steady but a bit like her mama she can get upset when things are not as she wanta them to be. 
"Utah" is a super balanced male, still going strong at 13 years and 6 months. Healthy and agile! He has produced 3 litters with healthy individuals and little faults. In his pedigree are some stunning dogs like his mother  Exgate's Queen Tuija By Forrest & Ukukhanya Scout The Red Baron. It also feels great to tap into Ökensandens breeding - R.I P. Anette Enderberg. On Allies side we have her stunning father "Rudi"  Bawabu Diabo Dinizulu and our belowed "Navy" Rijstone Aussie Rules!

The biggest thank you to "Utahs" owner Keth for letting us use some of his last drops!
Matilda - "Allies" momma - Big hugs! This will be super!

0% inbreeding in 5 generations.